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News and updates regarding the website and available material are listed here.

May 21 2011
Footage from the Moose Mountain Fire of May 20 2011 is now online. Amazingly no major structures were lost to this wildfire in spite of its close proximity to the Moose Mountain recreational area and large residential areas. Just how lucky was that? Take a look at the footage/info and judge for yourself.

April 1 2011:
What's new? Everything! Which isn't all that much. The intent is for the site to grow in terms of the footage library and tutorials, not so much in terms of size and complexity. In the months ahead work will be focused on expanding the library of timelapse videos significantly and adding a few tutorials (besides rounding off design and functionality). Older footage will be added first with "teasers" around the site (photos, backgrounds) showing some of the newer footage that will eventually make it to the site. There is a lot of footage to be added which will be done runningly and unannounced. You can check for new videos by using the "Uploaded since" search option in the library. Hope you enjoy!